Child Support

Child support is the share of expenses related to child-rearing. Determining the appropriate amount of child support can be a complex task. Issues surrounding determination of income, fluctuating income and imputation of income are often heavily litigated.

Child support disputes require a family law attorney who is specifically trained to ensure your financial obligations and income are correctly represented in Court; otherwise, you may face significant legal and financial consequences. Our family law attorneys will guide you through the child support process and petition the court for a modification if circumstances change.

How is Child Support Calculated?

Child support is determined by a state mandated child support guideline calculation, which is calculated using a formula that balances several factors, including but not limited to: each party’s income, percentage of time the child is in the custody of each party, each party’s tax filing status, the needs of the child and other deductions such as each party’s health insurance premiums, deductible interest and property taxes.

Modification to Child Support

Modification of Child Support

Child support is modifiable, as long as there has been a material change in circumstances. The financial circumstances of the parties often change, warranting a modification of child support. Other issues may arise warranting a modification of child support, such as: significant changes in how much time the child spends with each parent, the child’s needs may have changed resulting in an increase or decrease of costs associated with the child’s upbringing, or, there may be changes to any of the other factors used to determine the amount of the child support order.